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Lean Machines Healthy Vending Service Inc. was established in 2004 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since that day, the purpose of Lean Machine Healthy Vending has been to educate, engage and energize a new generation of Canadians focused on the future of their community, their family, and most importantly themselves. Food fuels the planet, and daily decisions as simple as what to eat can impact an individual’s entire surroundings. At Lean Machine Healthy Vending Service food isn’t only our passion, it’s our business. 


Why Healthy Vending?

Many people have the misconception obesity in many instances is a small town phenomenon, a pandemic isolated to rural Canada. The truth is, the problem is much bigger than the geographic region you reside. Generations of time-starved Canadians sacrifice their personal health and well-being daily to consume products their led to believe are convenient, yet healthy. Our team has travelled the world, and can tell you these perceptions are wrong. Canadians continue to reach for products which offer little to no nutritional value for two reasons, lack of education on the benefits of healthy eating and most important a lack of options. Our quest, is to make healthy food more accessible to Canadians. It’s that simple!



Lean Machine

Lean Machine locations offer a wide variety of snack and beverage options for both children and adults, which not only taste great, but will give them a nutritional boost whenever they need it. After all, great nutrition does nothing without great taste. That's why each of our products must pass both a health and taste test. Even the most sensitive eater will find healthy products they can enjoy at each of our Lean Machine locations. Since 2004, we've tested hundreds of different products in our vending machines across the country. We annually evaluate product popularity, performance and pricing to align with food trends happening in your market.

Buy local, support local.

All Lean Machine franchisees are encouraged to source local, niche products to compliment popular items. Our registered dietitian closely evaluates all new products to ensure they align with our brand promise, to keep your motor running. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more.

Lean Box

By Lean Machine Healthy Vending

Is your school, office or service ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle? Our Lean Box is tailored for small locations and includes a variety of tasty, nutritional treats. A Lean Box at your location will ensure healthy options are always within your finger tips to fuel those around you both day and night. Contact a member of our team today to learn more about how this convenient service could benefit you.


April Glavine

Founder & CEO

Eastern Canada

Kirk Densmore

Manager of Business Development

Western Canada

Cynthia Watt, RD

Nutrition Consultant

Eastern Canada

Heidi Townshend

Director Of Franchising & Lean Machine Distributor

Halifax Regional Municipality

Joyce Isaac

Lean Machine Distributor

Annapolis Valley,

Nova Scotia


Mr. Vend-It Inc.

Lean Machine Distributor


Heather Forsey

Lean Machine Distributor




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