Lean Machines Healthy Vending Service Inc. was established in 2004 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since that day, the purpose of Lean Machine Healthy Vending has been to educate, engage and energize a new generation of Canadians focused on the future of their community, their family, and most importantly themselves. Food fuels the planet, and daily decisions as simple as what to eat can impact an individual’s entire surroundings. At Lean Machine Healthy Vending Service food isn’t only our passion, it’s our business. 


Why Healthy Vending?

Many people have the misconception obesity in many instances is a small town phenomenon, a pandemic isolated to rural Canada. The truth is, the problem is much bigger than the geographic region you reside. Generations of time-starved Canadians sacrifice their personal health and well-being daily to consume products their led to believe are convenient, yet healthy. Our team has travelled the world, and can tell you these perceptions are wrong. Canadians continue to reach for products which offer little to no nutritional value for two reasons, lack of education on the benefits of healthy eating and most important a lack of options. Our quest, is to make healthy food more accessible to Canadians. It’s that simple!